Şubat 15. 2015

Psychedelic Gravy for the Receptive Mind is a solo exhibition of new works by New York-based artist Sebastian Wahl at Joseph Gross Gallery in NYC. Sebastian Wahl carefully places handmade papers and images between layers and layers of resin. The result is a collage time capsule with real shadows cast within each piece. “Collage is my medium, resin is just the gravy on top”, says the artist. Furthermore he adds, “The mystical experience has always been a point of reference for my work so Psychedelic Gravy For the Receptive Mind seemed like a fitting title for the exhibition.” Wahl’s goal is to trigger an awakening of imagination, spirituality and vision.

In Wahl’s work everything is balanced with the attention of a tightrope walker. This attention to balance transforms into symmetry and repetition in the three new circular works that he created for this exhibition. These three pieces are titled Kaleidoscope Vision (1 and 2) and Third Eye Vision and are loosely inspired by traditional Thangka painting.

Sebastian also created a new series of 7 small pieces that he refers to as the Juju Elves. The works are charged with positive energy and the intention of protecting their owner’s home.

About the artist:
Originally from Stockholm, Swedish artist Sebastian Wahl now resides in New York City. Using labor-intensive handmade-collage techniques as well as digital processes, Sebastian Wahl produces multilayered resin encapsulated collage works characterized by concentric composition strategies, colorful landscapes and various narrative elements. Images from pop culture, religious iconography and organic forms are remixed into compositions that are at once disorienting and contemplative. Wahl’s astonishingly detailed works are culled from a collection of handmade papers and images that he began obsessively collecting over 20 years ago. Wahl meticulously isolates the images from their original reality by cutting them out using an x-acto knife. The process he developed in 2006 invites play with three-dimensionality by lending a sculptural feeling and quality to the works.

Sebastian Wahl “Psychedelic Gravy for the Receptive Mind”
Joseph Gross Gallery
New York City

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